Tuesday, 27 March 2012

what is deconstruction? is it the process or is it the product or  is it even  necessary to label it? ...why is it so important to dismantle everything , or break it down to consume its absolute meaning bite by bite..well, till today i didn't  understand why deconstruction was so important,.its ironic  because it doesn't matter whether the art seeped  in at the initial stages or the final. whats important to understand is that "deconstruction" is the most effective "tool" to lead u towards "construction", yes construction or "building step by step" of a clearer "mind" where all our ideas n concepts dwell..its funny how peeling  away isn't actually peeling away..in reality its a mean to interpret work not as its enclosed entity but in many layers determining its content,function, contradictions...all revealed by dimply deconstruction. so i would say deconstruction is construction

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